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Glynn Cardy   1 Corinthians 12: 12 - 27 Matthew 4: 12 - 23
Glynn Cardy   Song of Songs 2: 8 - 13
Glynn Cardy   Luke 10: 25 - 37     Matthew 19: 13 - 15
Rev Allan Davidson's presentation on Professor Lloyd Geering and the Presbyterian Church 1966 - 1970; the 'Heresy Trial' Click here to view.
Allan Davidson's Lloyd Geering 'Heresy Trial' presentation
To view Professor David Galston's Seminar on 'Post Christian Christianity' Part 2 click here;
To view Professor David Galston's 'Post Christian Christianity' Seminar Part 1; click here;
 To view Part 1 of David Galston's Seminar Series on 'Has Jesus a Future?' click here;
To view Part 2 of David Galston's Seminar Series on 'Has Jesus a Future?' 
To view Part 2 of David Galston's Seminar Series on 'Has Religion / Has God a Future?' click here; 
To view Part 1 of Prof David Galston's Seminar Series on 'Has God / Has Religion a Future?' click here;
To view David Galston's Ferguson Lecture on 'Has Religionn a Future' Part 2, click here;
To view David Galston's Ferguson Lecture at St Davids on 'Has Religion a Future' Part 1, click here;
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks tells the following story: Laura Blumenfield is a young American Jew.  In 1986 her father, a rabbi, was visiting Jerusalem.  While walking in the Old City, he was shot by a Palestinian terrorist.  The bullet missed his brain by...
Glynn Cardy 1 Kings 3:16-28 Luke 22:14-24
What gives life?   What sustains us?   In the Bible reading today it’s suggested that it’s not bread.  Not the stuff with flour and yeast that we eat.  Not that which goes into our mouths and stomachs and bodies.  Rather there is something else that...
Glynn Cardy John 6: 24 - 35
Jesus has had a busy day.  And those who cared about him suggested some ‘time out’.  Take time to kick back, lie back, and relax.  So, he went on a little boat trip on the lake with his gang of mates.  There’s nothing like the soothing of the sea to...
2 Kings 4: 42 - 44 John 6: 1 - 15
Marriage is in the news.  Marriage has been talked about more in the last two years than the last twenty.  Marriage in New Zealand though is statistically on the decline.  It’s been declining for many years.  The sharpest decline is marriages in...
Isaiah 43: 14 - 21 1 Corinthians 13: 1 - 13
Prayer and power are intimately linked for Christians.  But I don’t understand prayer as talking to God; or power as persuading others to do what we want.   Rather prayer is more like being in time with a rhythm; and power is like an energy that...
Mark 6: 1 - 13
The debate about physician assisted dying has been given added impetus with the recent trial in the High Court regarding Lecretia Seales.  Those who are seeking a change in the law wish that no prosecution would follow if a terminally ill person had...
Colossians 3:12-15 Luke 5:25-34
There is an old African proverb: “When elephants fight the grass suffers”.  It’s important when considering wars, like the situation in Syria and Iraq, Yemen, Eritrea, and South Sudan that we not only listen to varied voices of political and...
1 Samuel 17:32, 38-43, 48-49 Matthew 15:21-28

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