17 Jul

9:30 am


2:00 pm

Courtyard Room

ACES AS Meeting

The Auckland City Education Services (AE School & Attendance Service) is a successful educational provider (funded by the Ministry of Education) and delivers the MOE Agreements for the Provider: Mount Albert Grammar School.

​Our key responsibility is to work beside the student, a parent, & whānau to form connections to a student who is:

  • Not enrolled in education - to find and facilitate their return to a legal form of education.
  • Unjustified absent from a School - to define the concerns and consider the options that will support the child to return to and attend school every day.
  • Referred to an Alternative Education school for Auckland City and Howick / Pakuranga Consortia.

Contact admin@aces.school.nz https://www.aces.school.nz/

ACES AS Meeting