6 Mar

7:30 pm



Study Group: A New Christianity for a New World

Glynn leads an online look at and discussion of John Spong's book: "A New Christianity for a New World."

In this book Spong looks beyond traditional boundaries to open new avenues and a new vocabulary into the holy.  What does God look like beyond theism? How do we understand evil?  Who is Christ when traditional concepts such as incarnation, atonement, and the Trinity no longer communicate meaning?  In answering these questions Spong goes beyond abstract theology to present his vision of a radically new humanity rooted in God, yet matured beyond the need for a supernatural parental deity.

The study group takes place over four Wednesday evenings: 6, 13 and 20 March, and 3 April 2024. To register your interest, please contact Pamela Day pamela@stlukes.org.nz or 09 520 0740.

Study Group: A New Christianity for a New World