Goliath and Reweaving the Social Fabric

The character of Goliath has long been a metaphor for destructive forces in society - forces that break down trust and community, leading to loneliness, mental ill-health and much more. David, who conquers this giant, chooses five smooths stones from a stream as his weapons. What 'weapons' will we choose to weave and repair the social fabric of our society that Goliathian powers are destroying?

Glynn Cardy
Glynn Cardy

In this sermon, Rev Glynn Cardy is referring to the old story about David and Goliath, Glynn suggests (following the work of James K. Baxter and David Brooks) 'Goliath' is the destructive forces assailing our society, fraying and tearing the social fabric, and bringing loneliness, distrust, mental ill-health, and loss of meaning.  What then are the five smooth stones with which we can combat such forces?

A pdf of the sermon is available for downloading below.

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