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Mon 13 Jun
Mon 13 Jun - 10:00 am to Sat 18 Jun - 04:15 pm
Inspired by Vivien Caughley's beautiful book New Zealand's Historic Samlers - Our Stitched Stories (2014) Bateman, we present an exhibition of a...



Glynn Cardy 1 Kings 3:16-28 Luke 22:14-24
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks tells the following story: Laura Blumenfield is a young American Jew.  In 1986 her father, a rabbi, was visiting Jerusalem.  While walking in the Old City, he was shot by a Palestinian terrorist.  The bullet missed his brain by...
Glynn Cardy John 6: 24 - 35
What gives life?   What sustains us?   In the Bible reading today it’s suggested that it’s not bread.  Not the stuff with flour and yeast that we eat.  Not that which goes into our mouths and stomachs and bodies.  Rather there is something else that...
2 Kings 4: 42 - 44 John 6: 1 - 15
Jesus has had a busy day.  And those who cared about him suggested some ‘time out’.  Take time to kick back, lie back, and relax.  So, he went on a little boat trip on the lake with his gang of mates.  There’s nothing like the soothing of the sea to...

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